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ECU Programming

If you have a USED ECU and the Dealer or an independent shop told you it cannot be programmed to your Immobiliser Control and Keys, Then you have come to the right Place. The new anti-theft technology is a device called the "EWS", which is also known as the "Immobilizer". This module compares the VIN number of the car between different electronic modules in the car. If the VIN number isn't consistent, the car will not start. Also the EWS has a password feature called the "Rolling Code" which changes between the modules every time that the car is turned off. This makes it virtually impossible to swap used ECU's between cars. 

However, we’ve found a way to work around this.

We can reprogram a used ECU using another VIN number and reset the Rolling Code, virtually making the unit "virgin". Only then, can we successfully exchange and swap a used ECU to work in another car.

 We program ECU for all car models

Key programing & Repair

Looking for a mobile car key programming service that is affordable to you?

Golden Motor provide a convenient service for programming car keys.   car key programming if you have lost your car keys. We have a much better solution; our key coding service saves you time and cash over alternative options. We aim to make the process of car key programming as hassle free and convenient as possible. We have several car locksmith technicians that provide key coding.  If you need car key programming  Then call 174040 or visit our workshop.

ECU reprogramming and vehicle tuning services. 

Proper programming is paramount for both good performance and reliability.  Each and every vehicle has unique power outputs and running characteristics.  The original control unit programming is designed to meet emissions requirements while remaining adaptable for environmental and fuel type variables.  Vehicles with mileage wear, newer components or updates to emissions control devices will most likely benefit from recalibration.

Golden Motor offers optimized, high resolution tuning files specifically match suited to the vehicle and its combination of equipment.

he most effective method to achieving dominant results starts with testing and plotting the vehicles output on a dynometer.  Several tuning file iterations may be required to fully optimize and tune the system for maximum efficiency.

Contact us at 17404020 or visit our workshop for advice on your specific application.

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